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Meet the Team & at the Selkirk Office

At K5 Insurance, serving clients throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and beyond, our team is dedicated to helping you with all your insurance needs. Michael Klassen acquired the business in 2008 and has been committed to providing excellent service to our clients ever since. Learn more about our team on this page, or c contact us today.


K5 Insurance started in Selkirk, Manitoba in 2008. Success in the Selkirk area led owner Mike Klassen on the path to owning three brokerages in the next 10 years. Operating K5 Insurance in North Battleford (previously Pawlus Insurance) and Cut Knife Agencies as General Manager is Dustin Wait who moved to Saskatchewan from Manitoba to expand the K5 business.K5 Insurance in Selkirk has a staff of 6 to help you with MPI and other insurance needs. Located in a strip mall next to Snap Fitness, K5 insurance is easily accessed on Main Street.

K5 Insurance in North Battleford, SK has 6 staff to help with SGI issuing and all your insurance needs. The office is located in the same parking lot as Walmart and has excellent parking and accessibility.Cut Knife Agencies has 3 Staff, and although a smaller community, supports Cut Knife by offering SGI issuing and other Insurance needs. Many Farmers in the area choose to work with Cut Knife Agencies.K5 Insurance staff work hard to identify every customer’s needs and treat them like neighbours and friends.